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Yes I know I still have lots to see in Ibiza, Vueling, because I’ve never been there. Sheesh, take one flight to Spain and you’re doomed to being taunted with vacations until the end of time (also because I keep forgetting to unsubscribe oops).

But actually, relaxing on the beach all day and dancing to fresh electronic music all night sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I would half consider it if I was in that part of the world already, and Disclosure or someone else I know went to play there…!


#it looks like joff is jammin to some 90’s rap but marg is more into grunge

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The Green Couch Sessions in Vancouver are along the same lines as the Black Cab Sessions in London: the couch travels, the artists perform on/around it. Here’s Local Natives, and here you can also find acoustic tracks by Said The Whale, Good For Grapes, Humans, Freelance Whales, Architecture in Helsinki, and even Carly Rae Jepsen (if you care for that particular one-hit wonder – be honest, we all kinda do).

I heard the chorus of this song on Vancouver local news this morning, and I’m pretty sure they played it for two main reasons:
1. Metric is Canadian
2. The next segment covered life-saving techniques for families at swimming pools

Well played, local news. Well played.

Good For Grapes @ CBC Plaza

After sleeping in until 10:30 this morning, I checked my Facebook feed and saw Good For Grapes post that they were playing for free at noon the very same day. Since I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every opportunity to see these folks live in the past, I immediately thought “AHHH I have to get downtown!!”

Rushing to the outdoor venue was worth it because as usual, Good For Grapes brought boundless energy to the stage – backed up by gorgeous songwriting, poignant lyrics and sheer musical talent. I first saw them open for Mother Mother when they were a new band in 2011, and time and practice have allowed them to polish their sound. Each song ebbs and flows beautifully with harmonies bursting at the seams as everyone stays right on tempo. You can tell that every band member genuinely loves their music, smiling and shouting and bouncing around the stage. Alexa’s bright hair is especially gorgeous and colorful when she head-bangs during their rockier songs!

Aside from my usual favorites "Era’s End" and "Renminbi Tips," especially delightful was an unexpected cover of “Seven Nation Army”: Daniel’s vocal flourishes made the melody even catchier than before. Would love to hear it recorded officially one day :) in the meantime, I highly recommend seeing this amazing band at your next opportunity!

For more, check out GFG’s soundcloud and current fundraiser for a music documentary.

St. Vincent Live on Letterman

One day I hope to see St. Vincent live: it looks to be a transcendent experience.

Andrew Bird – “Heretics” (+ early version!)
Andrew Bird – “Armchairs”

Can we all take a second to appreciate Andrew Bird? That he writes sprawling, gorgeous songs like this and like just that he exists?

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Free download for a limited time! I’ve followed Good for Grapes for probably 3 years now and they never cease to be awesome. Support local talent \o/