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Wowowow Chance The Rapper + Jessie Ware and many more contributing singers! Arthur was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, and the mix of vocals in this new take on the song is super cool and uplifting, reminding me of childhood days where the local neighborhood was all I knew and loved, and it was enough.

Sophie kills it again. My initial response was shock, followed by awe, followed by clicking the repeat button. Yeah, it sounds weird at first, but then you process the rhythmic and irresistibly catchy genius behind the apparent madness, and it all clicks into place. Between this and "Bipp," Sophie’s work really does feel like the future of pop.

Also, I like how all the track images are neon-colored plastic slides – perfect nod to the childlike and synthetic aesthetic, and the constant bubble-like sounds descending in the background!

Tennis - Ritual In Repeat

Super excited for Tennis' new album. Click through to have fun revealing the album cover (or most of it?) and scroll to the bottom for a free track download!

DJ Night Ham reposted this gem on SoundCloud and I love it! The title and the image suggest calm, but the result is more surprising and rewarding than you might expect. In fact, it would be an awesome soundtrack to a Sonic game (SA2, anyone?). If the SoundCloud download link doesn’t work, use the one in the description :)


Happy 40th Birthday Rubik’s Cube (1980) - Invented 1974

A store jingle I can look forward to in Japan!


Another handy track aggregate site, with a focus on hip hop and electronic. Just by spending a couple minutes browsing, I found a neat remix of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” a mash-up of Kanye and Flume, and a lovely new track by Jhene Aiko.

Heard this in a hipster gift store downtown today. This Toronto band sounds appropriately vintage and upbeat for that scene, and they can also brighten up your everyday life!

Yes I know I still have lots to see in Ibiza, Vueling, because I’ve never been there. Sheesh, take one flight to Spain and you’re doomed to being taunted with vacations until the end of time (also because I keep forgetting to unsubscribe oops).

But actually, relaxing on the beach all day and dancing to fresh electronic music all night sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I would half consider it if I was in that part of the world already, and Disclosure or someone else I know went to play there…!