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Music Keeping Me Sane During The Last Week of Thesis: Happy Songs By Röyksopp

I can’t get this out of my head. I’ll be strolling down the sidewalk and without warning, break into the main hook, “ooh wah ooh, dai da dai, ooh wah ooh, dai da dee da doo…” Music with that kind of force on my consciousness is bound to keep me going while I’m thesising as well.

Music Keeping Me Sane During The Last Week of Thesis: Chill Youtube Mixes That Include Bonobo

Super good because 1. I don’t have to fret over choosing new music for over an hour, and 2. the track blending skirts the issue of hearing a jarring end to a song and losing focus. This mix of Bonobo, Nicholas Jaar and Chet Faker is also unexpected and fantastic.

Today on Unlikely & Awesome Collaborations: Daphni (Caribou's Dan Snaith by another name) and Owen Pallett!! wowowow

Music Keeping Me Sane During The Last Week of Thesis: Mac DeMarco

Gentle and laid-back, Mac’s music makes me I feel like I’m sitting in a hammock on a sunny day – even if I’m actually in the computer science building at 3am.

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Not attending Coachella this year? Join the club, there’s much fun to be had outside Indio this weekend as well :) Prime example: Nochella, the wonderful music festival at Pomona College from 3pm-1am today!! We had Summer Twins, So Many Wizards (pictured above) and many more earlier today, with VERBS, Matthewdavid and Los Rakas to come~

(And if you must, much of Coachella is being streamed online for you to enjoy secondhand…!)

Shameless plug for my dear friend DJ EJ’s show, on KSPC 88.7fm/live online for another half hour! She’s playing wonderful feel-good tunes for your thesis/any other woes

Black Cab Session of “Warm Water” by Banks. Such a nice, upbeat version of the song!

DJ Rubix’s Top 2014 Albums: It’s Album Time by Todd Terje

Is it too early to start doing these features? Whatever! Todd Terje, who hails from Norway but produces space-age tracks that would be perfect for any dance floor across the globe, totally deserves it. From the album title – and the intro, in which the words are repeatedly articulated with glee – you can already tell that “It’s Album Time” doesn’t take itself too seriously. But this lightheartedness plays in the album’s favor, since Terje proves that a degree of goofiness can exist simultaneously with serious quality beats. "Leisure Suit Preben" is slick and slinky, and it slides seamlessly into the glittery "Preben Goes To Acapulco." "Johnny And Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry)" not only rhymes but provides a nice mid-album break from the intensity of the beats – and the journey fittingly concludes with the classic "Inspector Norse."

Upbeat, tropical, cosmic and catchy all at once, “It’s Album Time” is an instant hit, and much-needed fuel as I finish up my thesis!

Speaking of Caribou – really feeling this track today.