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Again courtesy of Kevin: one of the most unreal videos I’ve seen in recent memory. Stick with it until the end; I promise it’s rewarding

New James Blake track yyyyeeeesssssss

A "Secret Song" Just Surfaced By Childish Gambino | this song is sick

Another discovery from my friend Kevin. What a neat idea: a kind of Easter egg song spliced together from two separate sources, and it sounds so good!

Shoutout to my friend Kevin for turning me onto this one. These beats are brimming with secondhand nostalgia and it feels so good!

(For those curious, the title translates to “Lisa Frank 420/Modern Computer” lol)

Lindsay Lowend kills it again. Perfect apartment chore soundtrack!

“Really, the most important thing is eliminating self-doubt. This is basically impossible for me, but I’ve found that if I act like a boss, I can convince myself that I am a boss when I need to be one.”
— Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, doles out fantastically inspirational advice here.

Yuuki Ozaki – ”Trigger”
Yoko Kanno – ”ís (feat. POP ETC)”

Let me indulge my nerdy side for a second and spaz over the fact that POP ETC was involved in this anime that I just finished watching, called Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance). The opening song by Yuuki Ozaki (vocalist from Galileo Galilei, a Hokkaido indie rock band) is also gorgeous, with unexpected harmonies and melodic turns that I love. The anime’s pretty heavy haha, but I think these beautiful songs should appeal to anyone!


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Homage to my favorite summer jam this year, Spazzkid’s Promise.

If you haven’t heard it click here :3

Tears of joy sparkle down my rosey cheeks for this song.



Black manuscripts - actually on parchment that was painted black - are amongst the rarest manuscripts we have. At the end of the fifteenth century at the court of Burgundy they were popular for a while. Well known is the black hours in the Morgan Library, but barely known is the black manuscript in Brussels (KB 9085) with dance melodies. On a black ground the notes were drawn in silver while the text was written in gold. Underneath the golden text, silvery letters indicate the dance steps.