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As Pitchfork attests, this Finland band is making “a soundtrack for the supermarket nations” – and if this is what consumerism sounds like, I can certainly get behind it :)

Cover Story: Station to Station: The Past, Present, and Future of Streaming Music

If you’re interested in the legal, data-driven, economic or individual ramifications of modern music streaming, this article is for you. And if the content of this article wasn’t interesting enough (given that so much of what I post here is streamable), the layout of this article is insaaaaane

If you missed today’s show…

(which is likely because I did a terrible job of promoting it, sorry!) the playlists are here (1st hour) and here (2nd hour)! It was a really fun, easy-going set so you can always make use of the tracks there for working and studying :)

More regular posts to follow~

Surprise radio show!

Filling in for Reality Check & The Interchange from 5-7pm PST tonight!! Tune in via 88.7 fm in the LA area or :D


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Handed in my senior thesis!

Which means that my schedule has suddenly freed up a lot, and you can expect to see more posts from me soon – and hopefully more fill-in shows as well!

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Music Keeping Me Sane During The Last Week of Thesis: Interview with DJ Badger (+ James Blake's BBC1 Residency)

This isn’t technically music, but if you know who DJ Badger is (trying to avoid spoilers haha), it’ll be just as satisfying. This provides some much-needed levity for the morning my thesis is due AHHHH

Music Keeping Me Sane During The Last Week of Thesis: Happy Songs By Röyksopp

I can’t get this out of my head. I’ll be strolling down the sidewalk and without warning, break into the main hook, “ooh wah ooh, dai da dai, ooh wah ooh, dai da dee da doo…” Music with that kind of force on my consciousness is bound to keep me going while I’m thesising as well.

Music Keeping Me Sane During The Last Week of Thesis: Chill Youtube Mixes That Include Bonobo

Super good because 1. I don’t have to fret over choosing new music for over an hour, and 2. the track blending skirts the issue of hearing a jarring end to a song and losing focus. This mix of Bonobo, Nicholas Jaar and Chet Faker is also unexpected and fantastic.

Today on Unlikely & Awesome Collaborations: Daphni (Caribou's Dan Snaith by another name) and Owen Pallett!! wowowow