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HAPPY COLLEGE RADIO DAY! Borrowed the image from CMJ, and here’s my list:

• Cerulean, Baths. Will Wiesenfeld performed at the first Art After Hours I attended on campus, after which those events became a staple of my Thursday evenings. From his SoCal roots to the maximalist, overwhelmingly awesome sound, Cerulean encapsulates my first semester of college.
• Cape Dory, Tennis. One of the first albums I reviewed for the station, not too long after they performed live on campus (brought to us by the wonderful DJ Ari). The sound of early Tennis screams traveling, happiness and nostalgia, all of which defined my college experience.
Tomboy, Panda Bear. The first album I played in the station that I thought was kinda weird at first, but grew to love, like so many that make KSPC great. Noah Lennox bends genres like no one’s business: who knew Gregorian chant-style singing over electronics would work so well? Panda Bear, along with associated artists like Animal Collective and Atlas Sound, expanded my tastes in music beyond the point of return, and I love it.
• The North Borders, Bonobo. I spent large portions of my senior year writing papers (hello, thesis!) and ambient/pretty electronic became my go-to genre. Bonobo’s most recent album stuck with me the most. You can tell he really knows what he’s doing, with 10+ years in the industry; the production mastery shines through live as well as on the CD.
James Blake, James Blake. How could I not mention James Blake in the same breath as college? James Blake was part of every year of my undergraduate career, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! He released his first album in my freshman year spring, and second in my junior year spring; I completed the cycle by seeing him in concert in both my sophomore and senior year. Both albums and concerts arrived at transformative moments, and I also think both albums transformed my life, through their heartfelt and often heartrending beauty.

I nominate everyone reading this post, if you so choose! Go forth and support college radio!

Thanks to the wonder of time zones, we can listen to James Blake’s BBC Radio 1 Residency at 4-6pm PST rather than 12-2am GMT! Happy Thursday afternoon~

Ellie Goulding fills in for Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, including a new track by FKA twigs at 30:00 and an interview with Banks at 1:18:00! A great mix and also nice to hear how Ellie Goulding sounds behind a different sort of microphone.

I’m just going to leave this here…

Senior Goodbye to KSPC

The last episode of The Interchange, hosted by the inimitable Ann Kirkpatrick, features the heartfelt goodbyes of a few senior DJs who just graduated this May. I come in around 36:47. Admittedly I wrote it in 5 minutes, and I spoke too quickly and not very eloquently, but in addition to my last show, it’s a nice message to cap off my time at this wonderful station.

DJ EJ begins around 30:00, makes a much better speech that I did, and makes me cry. Night Ham is also awesomely honest at 43:00, DJ Shmal chimes in at 50:00, and Ann herself at 52:50.

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Chet Faker recently stopped by Los Angeles’s KCRW to perform a live set. (via media | Under the Radar - Music Magazine)

IT’S ALMOST TIIIIME. I’ll be on air at, 88.7fm in the LA area from 11am-12pm PST!

Something to hold you over until my last radio show at 11am PST: Disclosure, Sam Smith & Jimmy Napes talk “Latch.”

More radio!!

I’m on it again! Feels like just yesterday… because IT WAS lolol. I’ve got another good hour and 20 min so tune in now for some happy tunes!

Just handed in my LAST EVER PAPER of college and to celebrate, I’m going to do a SURPRISE FILL-IN SHOW TODAY from 4-6pm PST!, you know the drill!!