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Welcome to the online home of DJ Rubix of KSPC 88.7fm and


I’m on it! Spinning tunes live for your enjoyment! Tune into now until noon PST and enjoy!


Crazy Rubik’s Cubes spotted in the toy store the other day!

I’m using these as a lame segue to announce my last shows of the semester (and possibly ever), a fact that is also super crazy!! Tune in to 88.7fm in the LA area or from anywhere:
Wednesday, May 7, 11am-12pm PST
Wednesday, May 14, 11am-12pm PST

I’ll play all my very favorite things for your listening pleasure, and requests are more than welcome so send them my way :)

If you missed today’s show…

(which is likely because I did a terrible job of promoting it, sorry!) the playlists are here (1st hour) and here (2nd hour)! It was a really fun, easy-going set so you can always make use of the tracks there for working and studying :)

More regular posts to follow~

Surprise radio show!

Filling in for Reality Check & The Interchange from 5-7pm PST tonight!! Tune in via 88.7 fm in the LA area or :D


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Shameless plug for my dear friend DJ EJ’s show, on KSPC 88.7fm/live online for another half hour! She’s playing wonderful feel-good tunes for your thesis/any other woes

First the Cool Mom Prom, and then the Blowout concert – KSPC’s been killin’ it with events this weekend!!

Sophie, the artist behind the mindblowing “Bipp,” performing at Pitchfork’s SXSW Day Party.

(Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in on Thursday, by the way! I feel badly that I couldn’t get to all the requests, but I really appreciate all the support on Spinitron chat and over the phone.)

On the air for another hour!

Tune in to 88.7fm for the next hour for more feel-good music :)

Tune in to my radio show today – all the energizing tunes will make you feel as cool as this kid! 4-6pm PST, 88.7fm in the LA area, or from anywhere :)

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